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My art is based on what feels right. I dont compete with God or nature ... I feel that if I copy the creator, Im bound to come out second best.

David Omar White (1927 - 2009)

self portrait of David Omar White

David Omar White

DAVID OMAR WHITE passed away on June 26. He was our friend.

For more than 40 years, the Cambridge, Massachusetts-based artist was a not-so-quiet presence in the art world. His political cartoon strip "White Rabbit" ran for years in various alternative newspapers. His detailed pen-and-ink illustrations and doodle-style caricatures have run in numerous magazines and books. In fact, White's body of work encompasses an amazing variety of mediums, including small washes and enormous, color-filled paintings that celebrate both the real and surreal worlds. His art has been shown in numerous galleries and purchased for private collections throughout the U.S., and his irreverent look at life was analyzed by countless critics and essayists. During his life, he won many awards and artistic grants, and taught and lectured extensively.

Casablanca is proud to have commissioned David Omar White for its now-famous wall mural depicting the cast and plot of the classic film romance starring Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart. Despite a 1980s move to larger quarters that might have ruined a lesser masterpiece, White's epic mural made it, and the artist made visits to it occasionally. Naturally, over a pint of beer at the bar.

We miss him.

Gallery of Casablanca's mural art by David Omar White