Casablanca will remain open untill the end of the year, at least

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Casablanca Needs your memories, stories & photos!!

The Special event August 16th was a huge success and a bittersweet Farewell. Thank you to all the talented Chefs and wonderful Casablanca friends for making it a night to remember! Thank you to our facebook ads agency team for helping us advertise and getting us customers.

See how Cambridge feels, frolics & feeds itself…nestled quietly alongside the movie theater at 40 Brattle Street, Casablanca is a casual, neighborhood “joint” where students and their professors, writers and their subjects, musicians and their muses have been congregating for well over thirty years.

Is it the mildly exotic atmosphere? The enticing Mediterranean cuisine? The chance to tipple at the bar elbow-to-elbow with a nuclear physicist, a poet, or famous heads of state? Who knows? Visit and find out.

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