Afternoon Menu

Offered Monday-Saturday from 2:30pm-5pm and Sunday from 3pm-5pm.


Soup du Jour

cup | 6        bowl | 11

Mixed Olives

Sicilian, Picholine, Gaeta, Nicoise, Kalamata | 5

Roasted Almonds

with sea salt | 5

Veggie dolmades

grape leaves stuffed with rice, with mint oil | 6

Turkish Meze Plate

Muhammara, tahini white bean puree, eggplant salad | 10
With veggie dolmades and olives | 14

Mixed Greens

Tomato, radishes, lemon vinaigrette | 8

Sari’s Lamb

Slow roasted lamb shoulder, charred tomatoes, spicy yogurt, grilled flatbread | 13


Apple-wood smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, french fries | 12.5

Pei Mussels

Sherry lobster broth, grilled crostini, lobster salad | 15

Grilled Giant Shrimp

Pickled jalapeno, cucumber, and mango salsa with avocado and cilantro | 14